Brussels Parc Leopold

Destination Photographer: Parc Leopold, Brussels, Belgium

Posted on June 22, 2012

Continuing with the destination photographer theme, I’ve decided to share a few images from a recent trip to Brussels, Belgium. I performed a recce of the inner city, and planned to shoot in various locations including Avenue Louise and Parc du Cinquantenaire. On the day of the shoot, my subject wasn’t feeling well and asked to postpone by a few hours. Upon arrival at Parc du Cinquantenarie, the cafe that I had in mind to use for outfit changes had just closed. A search for an alternative led us to to the vicinity of Parc Leopold near the European Parliament, and with the sun starting to fade we opted to shoot here instead. Shortly after the shoot commenced, the sun dropped behind the nearby buildings, but I was still able to recreate the effect of sunlight using portable photographic lights.

Below are a selection of my images from the photoshoot. I would be interested to hear from anyone who can differentiate which images were taken with natural sun and those shot using artificial lighting, feel free to comment with your observations at the end.

Destination Photographer Bruxelles Parc Leopold


Destination Photographer Bruxelles Parc Leopold


Destination Photographer Bruxelles Parc Leopold


There are many different styles of editing, and for the next photo, I shared two possible styles with the people who have been kind enough to ‘like’ my facebook page asking them for their preference.

Destination Photographer Bruxelles Parc Leopold

4. (Edit A)

Destination Photographer Bruxelles Parc Leopold

5. (Edit B)

At the time of writing this blog post, the response was a 50/50 split. It would seem that personal taste really is divided.

Of course, print would be a more accurate medium for surveying preferences, as the quality of reproduction on consumer screen devices varies greatly in each instance. This means that a digital image will not look the same to everyone who views it. Most professional photographers use high percentage colour gamut display screens, calibration equipment, and perform soft proofing using specific printer profiles provided by their print labs. This enables the photographer to edit colours and brightness accurately with the end product in mind – books, magazines, albums, wall art, etc. Unfortunately, it is not possible to accurately control reproduction quality to an Internet audience that views via a diverse array of non-calibrated displays and Internet browsers.

To minimise the short-comings of image reproduction caused by Internet Browsers, Safari is currently the browser I would recommend to Windows users as it supports embedded ICC and monitor colour profiles. NB: Chrome and Opera don’t respect ICC colour profiles, and although IE9 does, it implements the monitor colour profile in a different way and tends to be over saturated.

UPDATE: Version 22 and upwards of Chrome now support ICC colour profiles.

Destination Photographer Bruxelles Parc Leopold


Brussels Parc Leopold


Brussels Parc Leopold


Bruxelles Parc Leopold


I would be interested to hear from anyone who would like to speculate which images were captured with natural light and those shot using artificial lighting. Feel free to comment below. Each image has a caption number so you can reference it.

Click here to view a selection of images from a photo-shoot in Avenue Louise, Brussels, Belgium.

All photos are copyrighted. It is illegal to take photos from this site for use elsewhere. If you do require an image, enquiries for legitimate use may be made by contacting me.


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